Day Care Invoice Template

Download: Day Care Invoice Template

To use the Day Care Invoice, replace the [COMPANY NAME] with your company’s name, and [COMPANY MOTTO] with your motto, if you have one.

Below that, enter your business address and contact information as well as that of the client in the appropriate fields. To the right, enter any specific requests or instructions asked of the client, or of yu by the client.

Below that, replace [INVOICE DATE] with the invoiced date, [INVOICE NUMBER] with the number of the bill, [CLIENT NUMBER] with the customer’s specific ID reference number, [BILL TYPE] with either [DUE] or [PAST DUE], and [DUE DATE OF BILL] with the date by which the payment must be made.

Beneath that, enter any additional, relevant information regarding the transaction.
The core of the invoice includes five fields. Enter the date of a particular service in the [DATE OF SERVICE] field, the child’s name in the [CHILD NAME] field, a description of the service rendered (e.g., preschool, infant, at-work supervision, etc.) in the [DAY CARE SERVICE DESCRIPTION] field, the duration of a service (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or once) in the [DURATION] field, and finally the amount for each service in the [AMOUNT] field.

In the [SUBTOTAL] field, enter the total amount of all services before the addition of any taxes or fees; in the [APP. TAX] field, enter any applicable taxes, such as state sales tax; in the [OTHER/FEE] field, enter any additional fees, such as a late payment fee, labor, or hazard fee; and in the [TOTAL] field, enter the total amount of all services, taxes, and fees.

To the left, replace [FEES] with the amount of any late payment fees you intend to charge the recipient if payment is not delivered on time.

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