Cleaning Service Invoice

Download: Cleaning Service Invoice

To use the Cleaning Service Invoice, place your invoice number to the right of the “SERVICE INVOICE” at the top, followed by your company name and slogan under that. Place the business address below that, as indicated by the fields. On the right side of the page, place the date, name, and contact information for the client you are billing.

This invoice has only two simple fields: Type of Cleaning Service Rendered and the Amount. Enter your service description in the left field and the service price in the right. For additional services, do the same for the subsequent fields.

At the bottom is a field for your subtotal, or amount owed before applicable taxes and fees. Below that are the fields for any applicable taxes to be entered as well as any additional fees. The bottom field is for the total amount due after all is added together.

A signature line is available to the left for both the client and the provider to guarantee that the invoice is sound. This serves as evidence that the invoice is legally enforceable as the client agrees to the debt.

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