Contractor Invoice

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To use the Contractor Invoice, place your company name on the top left, and any slogan underneath it. Below that should go your business address, as the indicated fields imply. The invoice number goes on the top right, directly below the date.

The invoice has four fields: quantity, description, price, and total amount. Place the number of a certain service you are providing to your client, describe the service, enter the price per service and multiply that price by the total number (from the quantity section). If more services are being offered, follow the same steps on the subsequent lines.

At the bottom is a field for your subtotal. This is the total number of services times the total number of unit prices for each. Beneath that, add in any applicable taxes, labor fees, or other fees. The bottom field is for the total amount owed by the client once everything is calculated.

A signature line is available to the left for both the client and the provider to guarantee that the invoice is sound. This serves as evidence that the invoice is legally enforceable as the client agrees to the debt.

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