Service Invoice

Use this invoice template to bill your customer for services rendered. List the services performed and put the balance due at the top. This invoice is great for people who want to get straight down to business and provide their client with a clear total. You can download and open this invoice using a word processing program to get started.

Download: Invoice Template2

Daycare Invoice Template

Here is a fun invoice template for a daycare or child care service. The fun crayons makes the invoice a perfect fit. In box B3-B8, update your company information according to the name in each field. In boxes F5-F7 put in the Invoice and Order information. In Row 17, put in other information to match the field such as salesperson, Job, Payment Terms and Due Date. Starting in B-20 enter the Quantity and then description of individual item or service, go right and put in unit price. Total fields will auto calculate. Go to C28 and put in the Name to make the Checks Payable to.

Red Invoice Template

Click on A3 to A8 and enter in your company information. Then Boxes E5-E7 put in the invoice information. Starting on B10 to B14 put in the customer’s name and adress information. On row 17, you can put in the sales information such as salesperson, job, payment terms and due date. Starting on Row 20 you can put the individual items or services you want to invoice for. First enter the quantity, then the description, and then unit price. The Line total and Total will Auto sum up. In box A39, update the name to make the Checks Payable to.

Download Invoice Template

Green Invoice Template

In Box B2 Type your Company name and then continue with boxes B3-B5 with other company information. In Boxes B8-B10, enter in the customer information. In boxes H7-H11, put in your invoice information, order no, etc. In Box B-18, but in the Quantity and then go to the right and put in service or item description, then right again to put in the unit price. The Amount will auto calculate and so will the total at the bottom. Update boxes B34-B36 with your other contact information about this particular order.

Download: Green Invoice Template

Computer Invoice Template

Click on B4 to update your company name and then click on B5 to update the slogan. If you don’t have a slogan, you can just hit the delete button to remove the words. Then update B6 – B9 with your company address, phone and fax numbers. Click on E5 to update what the invoice is for. Then Click on E7-E11 to fill in the information for the customer. To put what the invoice is for, please click on B14 to type in the description of the service or product. In E14 you will put what they owe you for that item. You can add additional items by click on the cells underneath. The sheet will automatically calculate the total. If you click on the box where it says to “Make Checks Payable”, you can update any of that information. Please hit save as and change the filename to the Invoice number.

Download: Computer Invoice

Freelance Invoice

In this Invoice, information pertaining to both the client and the provider is entered in the first table – this includes the job title, contact information etc. The description of the services offered can be expanded upon in the two lines below this table. Next comes the calculation of the amount of products/services offered to get a total amount after various adjustments with taxes. Finally, the client and the provider can put down their signatures at the spaces provided towards the bottom of the invoice.

Download: Freelance Invoice

Business Invoice

This Invoice starts off with the various addresses (business, billing and shipping) related to the particular transaction. Next come the table with information related to the dates of the invoice and its number. Any comments, special instructions etc are made known in the box provided below the previous one. The quantity, product/service description, unit price and total price are then listed accordingly. Taxes are adjusted along with various fees to get the total amount due. If anything needs to be made known about the taxes and fees, the box to the left should be of assistance.

Download: Business Invoice Template

Billing Invoice

This billing invoice is not so different from most billing invoices, but it does have an identity of its own. The information about the seller (company), billing and shipping address are listed on the header. In the next field, we fill out the customer ID and dates for billing and payment respectively. To make the transaction clear, any notes or comments that the seller wants to list out are filled out in the following field. The next field has to do with the transaction in detail, and any pertaining taxes or fees are filled out as well.

Download: Billing Invoice

Contractor Invoice

Download: Contractor Invoice


To use the Contractor Invoice, place your company name on the top left, and any slogan underneath it. Below that should go your business address, as the indicated fields imply. The invoice number goes on the top right, directly below the date.

The invoice has four fields: quantity, description, price, and total amount. Place the number of a certain service you are providing to your client, describe the service, enter the price per service and multiply that price by the total number (from the quantity section). If more services are being offered, follow the same steps on the subsequent lines.

At the bottom is a field for your subtotal. This is the total number of services times the total number of unit prices for each. Beneath that, add in any applicable taxes, labor fees, or other fees. The bottom field is for the total amount owed by the client once everything is calculated.

A signature line is available to the left for both the client and the provider to guarantee that the invoice is sound. This serves as evidence that the invoice is legally enforceable as the client agrees to the debt.

Photography Invoice

Download: Photography Service Invoice

To use the Photography Service Invoice, place your invoice number to the right of the “SERVICE INVOICE” at the top, followed by your company name and slogan under that. Place the business address below that, as indicated by the fields. On the right side of the page, place the date, name, and contact information for the client you are billing.

The invoice has a total of three fields: Photography Service description, Quantity, and Price. Enter the type of photo service you are rendering, followed by the quantity and total price. For additional services, follow the same steps on the subsequent lines.

At the bottom are an additional four fields: subtotal, or amount owed from all services before the addition of applicable taxes and fees; taxes, for any applicable sales or state tax rates; other, for general fees; and total, for the total amount owed after all is calculated.

On the right is an additional place for a slogan, motto, guarantee, or other information.